Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dress

Less than three weeks to go now... The clock is ticking....tick tock, tick tock, TICK TOCK

We've sorted out a lot of things: invited people, wished that we could afford to invite more but we had to draw the line somewhere. We're sorting out the order of service now, meeting up with the priest of the church where we are to be married this week to sort out a rehearsal, cross the t's and dot the i's.

Only a few blips at the moment.

1) We ordered a topper for the cake from someone on E-Bay who isn't replying to any of our e-mails. They appear to have lots of satisfied customers regularly but we're certainly not one of them at the moment.

2) The florist at the church is an elderly lady who has been doing the flowers for the church for thirty years. She's not very flexible especially when we found out that we have to settle with the flowers of the couple who are getting married two hours before us. The other half was not pleased and reverted to true Essex-speak to express her feelings about the issue to me.

3) The dress hasn't arrived yet. So a rather HUGE show stopper really and unsurprisingly the biggest worry so far. We've been told that it's due this Thursday and that the tailor who makes adjustments for the shop is a real wizard with a needle, so everything will be sorted in plenty of time. We went to the shop the other week and heard this huge earthquake of a sound shaking the building.

"What's that?" we asked. "Oh, it's the tailor upstairs with his new sewing machine."
The tremors has already made a crack in the ceiling! I stood there secretly hoping to myself that if it did collapse it, it'd only be after our dress has been dealt with.

But until the other half sees the dress with her own eyes, she has yet to be convinced. I'm trying my best to support her but this will be something that even I won't be able to do anything about if it goes pear-shaped.

In the meantime, when work isn't taking my mind off things (which it does A LOT), we've gone to see Fatboy Slim at Hyde Park (music good but pill popping, coke snorting crowd not-so-good), Neil Diamond at the O2 (great music, vertigo-inducing seat) and I've taken in a bit of culture at the opening of the Hadrian exhibition at the British Museum (excellent, especially as we'd been to his Tivoli villa and stayed by the Pantheon when we were in Rome last year, though not anywhere near as busy as the Terracotta warriors exhibition was.)


Station Supervisor said...

I had nothing but problems with the build up to my own wedding

1 we received a call from the met police saying the manager of The Irish Center ran off with our £2000 deposit.
2 The wedding dress was over six inches short with two days to go, so a new skirt was needed.
3 The woman who was making all the brides maids dresses was suit by John Lewis for allegedly stealing the designs of some of the her dresses which 5 of our bridesmaid were wearing.
4 when I received my own suit on the day of the wedding the waist coat was for a 28 chest and I was pushing a 50.
5 my nephews top hats were both the wrong size

But on the actual day of the wedding everything went fine and it was one of the best weddings I've ever been too.

doobrie said...

Wow, Mr Supervisor, that makes our wedding, so far, look like a walk in the park!