Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Stroll on the South Bank

I went today to see a film preview at the National Film Theatre of a brilliant film called Mirrormask. Its screenplay is by Neil Gaiman (one of my favourite authors) and the director, Dave McKean, who is such a strong artistic visionary was on hand afterwards to talk about the film and answer questions. I really liked the film and it's a pity that it's not going to see a larger general release whilst a film like Hidden, that I saw on Wednesday and just left me empty and loathing of a wasted two hours of my life does.

I sat through the film a bit embarrassed, mind, as my nose started dripping about half-way through and I didn't have any tissues!

I then wandered down the South Bank back to Westminster and took a few shots on the way. London was typically cloudy (though weirdly not apparent in the Eye picture?!) but this didn't seem to dampen the crowd's enthusiasm for the performers out today or lessen the queues for the London Eye, which were still massive!

Only problem is now I've come down with some stupid heavy cold again. It was bloody cold. I couldn't feel my hands by the end. I slept for a few hours when I got home. I've nothing planned for tomorrow so hope a bit of rest will aid my recuperation.

Note to self....Bloody wear gloves next time!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Heading Home

Guilt over lack of exercise had me getting off the train a few stops early last night and doing the thirty-five minutes (or so) journey from Shepherd's Bush to Acton by foot.

A fortnight ago, just 'cause I was bored with taking the same routes home, I decided to do something similar but just as I emerged from the station I spotted a bus approaching and I chickened out. That bus got me home in record time (Thirty five minutes door-to-door from work to home.)

Last night, however, I decided to ignore any buses I might spot, however tempting, and do the whole brisk walk thing instead.

I can't really be plugged into my MP3 player on a journey like this though, as I'm still not convinced that parts of my route home aren't 'that' safe, so I use the time to think lots of things through in my head instead.

Shepherd's Bush is quite an interesting place. It's so culturally diverse. There are people from all cultures, backgrounds and continents.

I walk past a Moroccan restaurant and count down the days in my head until I go on holiday to Morocco....Thirty eight.

I walk past a shop and hear a man mutter drunkenly to anyone who's listening that it's not his fault. A bunch of Somali kids, who look no older than fourteen hang outside a newsagents. I can hear every sentence of their interspersed with F#@k this, and F#@k that.
I bet they don't speak like that back at home. They'd get a right ol' clip 'round the ear or worse if they dared.

It's not all bad, mad or sad though. The shops are a bustling hive of activity and kids innocently run in, out and around their surroundings given parts of the journey a safe family feel.

I wait at a junction to cross the road and head across when the light turns red for the traffic. Two steps in and I have to jump back as a lorry that seemed (in my mind) as if it would stop at the lights decides to jump them and carry on through like a juggernaut on speed.

At the next crossing a guy in a sports car decides to brake-test it just before I cross the road in front of him. What's gotten into people!?

I think about the future...I think about the nice hot shower I'll have when I get home.

Thirty two minutes later, I'm there. I'm a little bit less un-healthy, not a huge amount but enough for one day.

And, you know what? Not a single bus passed me along the way...