Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happiness Is...The Simple Things In Life

We like to spend sunny, lazy Sunday afternoons in the park amongst the bluebells, watching the ducks gossip.

Well, we have to make the most of our Sundays since so many of them aren't sunny. Even in Summer.

We sit on the grass or a bench eating our M&S sandwiches, sharing our diet coke and crisps, just happy to be together.

The last time we were there, a photographer came along with a newly wed Asian bride and groom. We watched as he got them to pose by the water and took portraits shots of them.

We thought, that'll be us (in a similar situation) in just a few weeks!

And we were happy....

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Change Is As Good As A Rest

I've settled in nicely in my new job. Though still early days to know whether the job or company are right for me (an attitude which I'm now adopting after having been made redundant three times) things are going well so far. It's only a small company and obviously has it's quirks but also has more than enough business to keep me busy. Days are racing by at the moment.

As a new challenge, it's a job with more authority and responsibility, something that I have no problems dealing with, and I now realise with hindsight that career progression-wise, things had pretty much plateaued at my last job and were even going downhill in some respects. I wish it had been different as I did very much like it there. I'll certainly miss the people for sure.

I'm guess that I'm glad it happened whilst I'm still young and able to adapt rather than years down the line things might have made it very hard for me to move elsewhere.

And yes, two months is more than enough time between jobs.

Okay, so I think that in all that time that I probably had less than a week of actual relaxation (mainly spent playing Grand Theft Auto IV), the rest spent looking for jobs, sorting out the wedding and then when I did get a job, reading up on it to make sure that I got off to a running start. House hunting had to be put on hold but we hope to get that up-and-running soon again.

So I didn't feel all that rusty when I did start and the main challenge that I'm facing at the moment is learning the business. It's a company that does a lot of work for the education sector and the number of initial and acronymns used for everything is just silly!

Anyhow, as I've said, so far so good...but I'll carry on crossing my fingers for a bit more, just in case.