Thursday, October 26, 2006

New update shock

Yes, yet more backdated posts are now available for the next two days of my holiday in Namibia.
I promise that I'll try to get it done before the next big one in January!

In other news, I went along to the Secret Policemans Ball a few weeks ago at the Royal Albert Hall.

It was a good night overall with Eddie Izzard, Andrew Maxwell (who we are planning to see in December and who got everyone in the Albert Hall to hum at the same time which was awesome), Al Murray and the Mighty Boosh being incredibly funny whilst others such as Omid Djalili (shouted a lot with bad comic timing), Sarah Silverman (an American who thinks that she's funnier than she really is), Chevy Chase (yes, that one), cast of the Green Wing & Richard E Grant (Bad ad-libbing) being a bit more hit and miss.

It was all for a good cause in Amnesty International so we didn't mind the less good bits too much, or the fat American guy with beer breath who sat behind us laughing at everything, even the "serious cause" message bits in between acts.

Only other big news is that I have now also booked a long weekend in early December to do a bit of Christmas shopping in New York with the other half.

We saw "The Devil Wears Prada" the other night and it inspired me to book it all as a nice Christmas present for her (even though it'll probably take me until next Christmas to pay it all off, though don't tell her that!) as she's into clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup and all that girlie stuff that I understand nothing about.

Worked out that the last time I was in New York was 1995 with a cheap fly-drive post-university holiday with uni mates...

My. How things have changed since then!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Finally got around to posting the first blog entry for my Namibian holiday.
It'll all be backdated (so that I can look back on it when I'm old and know what dates I went out on. Useful, eh?!)

Hence the first entry will be dated 8th September 2006....The second the 9th September...You get the idea...

Enjoy...Or be bored...Whatever...

Must stop these stops ...................

Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Link Of The Day

Nice Things In London - "urbanpath is a guide to the best places in London, as decided by you."

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A (Very) Brief Guide To Namibia

Well, I'm still trying to find time to write up the holiday.
But in the meantime here's an easier to digest list of some things that I remembered.

  • Namibia is a dry, arid country which is still very Germanic.
  • The tap water in Namibia is drinkable. (First country I've been in on my travels out of Europe that has been.)
  • Quadbiking across the desert with dunes as far as the eye can see is very cool!
  • Flying eight metres above the desert in a Cessna is even cooler.
  • Jagermeister is a very good drink to keep you warm on cold nights. (And is now served in Wetherspoons pubs over here with Red Bull!)
  • The area where Brad and Angelina had their baby isn't all that.
  • Herds of elephants do have personalities not unlike those depicted in Disney's animated "The Jungle Book."
  • Zebra can pair up, facing opposite directions and lay their heads on each others backs to rest.
  • A giraffe drinking sounds just like someone slurping through a really long straw.
  • Lions are lazy buggers but when a Cheetah approaches they all perk up ready for a good scrap.
  • The roads are very quiet with hardly any traffic but this didn't stop us being stuck in the first traffic jam I've been in caused by a bull elephant walking down the road.
  • Wearing factor 30 sunscreen means that you come back after two weeks in a bloody hot and sunny country with no tan whatsoever, boo! But no sunburn either. (Hooray!)