Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Brighter Future?

abf Well after eight months of living in an unemployed “wilderness”, I finally got a role that over the past three months I have found to be the most challenging, yet varied and interesting role I’ve had since my very first job out of university.

I’ve passed my probation period, the last two weeks of which I managed without any direct support from my boss as he took the opportunity to take a well deserved break and I’m rather enjoying things so far.

I now work for yet another property company, but this one is international and is growing as the recession recedes and the work is definitely interesting.

Over the last few months I’ve been very much involved in the re-launch of our new websites, learnt about CRM systems, property portals, designed an iPhone Application and now, day-to-day, project manage an offshore development team based in India.

It’s not easy, and the hours are longer than anything I’ve ever done before but the people I work with are a great team and I find the whole thing gives me a real “buzz”, probably something I feel more and appreciate more now that I’ve been in limbo for so long.

I do really hope that it lasts as I can see myself really growing in this role, where unfortunately my last short-lived position really pales in comparison.

But then you live and learn with each set back and now it’s time to get moving again.

I work near Monument, in the City now, and I just love going for walks along the river at lunchtime, when I get a chance that is. The hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets and some rather self-centred people does get annoying but then I’ll walk out after work, in the rain, after the sun has set and the reflections of the city lights onto the roads and buildings is a photographer’s paradise!

Anyway, back to work now (just a little bit on the weekend) and on with a new, brighter future.

(Oh, and I passed my driving test too…)