Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello World!

Well, after 9 months and 2 weeks of waiting, I finally arrived.

My name is William and for some reason I am always hungry. My first memory was of the voice of my mummy coaxing me to wake up. Apparently I looked blue and was rather floppy so there were a lot of voices talking frantically but my mummy's voice broke through it all and I took my first breath at 23:42 on the 24th July. It was a Thursday so apparently I have far to go.

It was really bright, much brighter than anything that I'd ever seen before but for some reason I couldn't close my eyes. I just wanted to look at everything. I have big blue eyes and light wispy hair (longer than my daddy's, hehe.)

After a while I suddenly got really tired. This seems to happen to me a lot. and I fell asleep between my mummy and daddy on the makeshift hospital ground sheets.

Daddy looked after me for my first night as mummy had to have some surgery (just minor, so nothing to worry about, they told me) and he opened the curtains as the sun came up and said to me "Welcome to your first dawn, my son."

I was happy but a few minutes later I felt strange. There was a space inside me that didn't feel nice. It made me cry. I didn't know it at the time but I was hungry. This happens a lot!

As of today, I am 19 days old. I lost some weight after I was born and took a long time to put it back on. Mummy and daddy were perplexed by this as I was eating all the time. Well, when I wasn't sleeping or pooping or peeing.

I've already travelled a lot. I love my pram. It's comfortable and I feel safe in it. I can watch mummy or daddy as they push me. For some reason I'm fascinated by the colour of the side of the pram's hood. The colour is called khaki and I just love to stare at it when I'm lying down.

I've been on a few buses and underground trains. I found these really loud though. They made me cry! So mummy and daddy bought me a hat to cover my ears. This makes me sleepy.

The weather has been really nice and mummy and daddy have taken me out to a few parks.

When I wake up in my pram, I stare at the sky and the trees. I love the contrast in colours between them. They fascinate me!

At home, I also have a nice play mat with lots of bright colours and black and white loops that spread above me. These are nice to look at too.

Oh, yawn......I feel really tired now...must go......I have far to go, don't you know?

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